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Class Record Book

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Wire-o bound record book designed for a 6,7, 9 or 10 week grading period, printed in eye-ease brown ink. Grading sheets for 6 or 8 subjects, 40 students per 8 ½” x 11” page. Large grading blocks with every five grading lines followed by a brown shaded line to help in locating correct grading block for each student. Each subject furnished with seating charts and year-end summary sheet. Book also features school events calendar, ample space for notes, suggestions and items to requisition and durable washable cover.

Item Numbers:

WAV 900W: 6 subjects/ 9 or 10 week grading period Best Seller
WAV 800W: 8 subjects/ 9 or 10 week grading period
WAV 906W: 6 subjects/6 or 7 week grading period

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